Starting a business?

Starting, operating and even closing a business most of the time requires the filing of paperwork and taxes. We can assist in every way required. Starting a business? Are you forming a Corporation, an LLC or a not-for-profit? C Corp or S Corp? Your decision will have consequences that you must be aware of as it will dictate how, when and what documents you must file. Legal and tax penalties can quickly rise into the thousands depending your filings or failure to file adequate documents or returns. We can form your business, maintain and also file required closing documents if you need.

Business Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns for all types of businesses including sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. We can also handle multi-state taxes for businesses with locations in more than one state.Whether you have a Partnership, S-corporation, or an LLC, we can file your return.

Tax Returns for Individuals

Our income tax return services for individuals include quick turnaround so you can get your money back fast. We’ll make sure you benefit from all the credits and deductions available so more money stays in your pocket.

Trust, Gift and Estate Tax Returns

In addition to traditional tax returns, we’re qualified to prepare trust, gift and estate tax returns, for both Federal and State. We meticulously prepare these types of returns and file them on time to avoid penalties.

Non-Profit Tax Preparation

We possess the skills and training to prepare Form 990 tax returns for non-profit organizations like churches, charities and trade associations.

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